Zreen Toyz


With the project Zreen Toyz, the French artist JLHB (born in 1954) likes pushing aside the notion of composer or musician and often presents himself as Sounds Sculptor.

After few years in classic training on piano and percussions, he does not appreciate the stifling conformity of the academy and turns to the improvised music. The continuation of its training is essentially self-taught. He crosses composers as Luc Ferrari and Ilhan Mimaroglu, but his meetings with Herman Poole Blount, more known under the name of Sun Ra, and the improvised electronic music, in particular that of Tangerine Dream (period 1970-1975) and that of Conrad Schnitzler (he meets him in Berlin in 1973), are really determining for his sound experiments.

Since his first pieces created in 1970, he works the sound material following inspiration of the moment, a raw and instinctive approach by stratification where any imperfection or sound incident become a harshness on which to hang on atmospheres or reflections. In this way, he creates impalpable and timeless landscapes where vibrations, noises, and collages erase the structure of the piece.