Письма с изнанки


Project «Письма с изнанки», ПСИ (Pisma s iznanki, PSI – Letters From The Inner Side) saw the light once in summer night 2004 in empty room somewhere in Moscow, Russia. Its name has appeared of its own accord, from nowhere, and has fasten tightly to the project.

Initially harsh digital noise was basic guideline for PSI but soon project push the envelope and embrace all fields of post industrial. Now (2008) PSI is going to create gloom and brutal soundscapes that put listener in horror world of his own dismal remembrances.

Neither occultism nor abstract researches are the inspiration source for PSI but awful Russian reality that’s around us: repeating hell of everyday life, dull insanity, loneliness, hopeless gloom from inside and thousands of personal apocalypses that are going on every minute all around – all that things without rules and dogmata inspire PSI.


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