Il Taglia – «Selection IV»

Il Taglia - «Selection IV»Cat.# … DNA 128
Release Date … 15.03.2012
Genre … Ambient, Experimental, Guitar Improvisation
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Selection IV» indeed completes a huge Il Taglia’s work whose first part was recently released as «Selection III». Reflective and romantic guitar-chords-based ambient constructions still prevail here as well as various vocal parts – mainly heavily processed and distorted. For the last three years of collaboration with DNA Production Il Taglia creativity remains very personal, melancholic and introversive in character, and «Selection IV» makes this very clear bringing it to perfection with unique abstract approach and impressive sound depth.

All tracks recorded in 2010.

Drawings (sleeve front+back), lyrics, acoustic & electric guitars, main vocals, banjo, piano, synths, xylophone, filtered vocals, cavequeno, percussions by Luca Tagliabue.

Artwork desigh by Vitaly Maklakov


  1. Il Taglia – Every Kind Of Logic Talking Is Going To Be Dissolved (10:03)
  2. Il Taglia – Still Twenty-Nine (05:47)
  3. Il Taglia – The Same (10:33)
  4. Il Taglia – Clean Time (07:43)
  5. Il Taglia – Our Resources (12:28)
  6. Il Taglia – It Doesn’t Seem That I’m Gnawing, I’m Gnawing (05:55)
  7. Il Taglia – You Will Walk With Your Trolley Forever (03:33)
  8. Il Taglia – Prestige Worldwide (03:55)
  9. Il Taglia – Almost Thirty (05:25)
  10. Il Taglia – Next Months Will Be Our Autumn (04:39)
  11. Il Taglia – Your Eyes Like The Puppet Of My Childhood (11:21)

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