Measureless Painting


Measureless Painting is one-man project of Alexei Belich, Moscow (Russia). His very first works have been created in late 2004. It was simple electronic music based on samples.

Since that times Measureless Painting have changed its style and debut album was created. «Fragments Of Remembrances In Critical Numbness» consists of one long track «Critical Numbness» and five other short tracks. That was an experimental album full of gloom and despair consisting of noise and ambient parts. «Fragments…» was first work where Measureless Painting has used samples of mentally diseased persons’ conversations. March 2006 works on «Fragments Of Remembrances In Critical Numbness» were finished and album had been distributed in Internet.

A year later Measureless Painting have created an epic album called «Жизнефобия» («A Fear of Living»). Having no any harmonies or melodies, «Жизнефобия» is one hour long track that fully consists of urban field recordings, large spoken parts by freaks / official announcers / street scums and concrete noises. It describes sickly and sharp feelings of human beings lost in society who are balanced on the edge between commonness and insanity. This work is a tribute to Yanka Dyagileva (Янка Дягилева), cult russian female rock musician who tragically died at the age of 24. Samples of her voice are at the centre part of «Жизнефобия».

Summer 2007 Measureless Painting recorded two long tracks, one of them, «Paranoia» was released by DNA Production as a part of DNA 02. That work is a collage: Stalin’s speech mixes witn insane people’s conversations on a basis of rough noise. Other track, «Rethink» continued with «Fragments…» style and appeared as mostly positive melodic work.

Next and last work – «Saving Detachment» was recorded in autumn 2007. Measureless Painting has an experience witn chorals samples in this track.
Since that times project had been frozen. Now Alexei Belich has no idea either to continue Measureless Painting or to end it forever.


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