Bagryanii Schliach


Bagryanii Schliach (Багряний Шлях) was created on 2003 in Ukraine. Its first recordings have been made under the name of Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf has released a few works that were distributed in Internet. But since 2007 project was renamed to Bagryanii Schliach.

.NBK Records paid attention to project’s demo recordings and later Bagryanii Schliach became one of leading artists of this label.

At the same time Bagryanii Schliach cooperated with DNA Production. Their collaborative work results in two tracks for compilations, one split release and solo album called «Mamai» that was a drone ambient masterpiece according by its listeners.

Bagryanii Schliach does not keep itself within dark/drone ambient limits. Also project recorded an unreleased album in martial industrial style.
Now Bagryanii Schliach continues creating drone ambient and martial tracks.


.NBK Records