Anatoly Khvostishko – «лабиринт сна, часть 1 (slumber labyrinth, part 1)»

Cat.# … DNA 192
Release Date … 03.04.2016
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Your journey in the slumber labyrinth starts with resonant low-frequency hum encrusted with sharp noises of anthropogenic and industrial origin. While background hum increases pressure and develops to uneasy and vibrant drone canvases with dark ambient elements, noise inlay becomes more polished and receives a portion of mysterious bone thuds. Here your meditative journey ends up, and you find yourself in strait corridors surrounded by walls of hum pushing you aggressively with repeated and loud drone loops. Eventually at the peak when you’re ready to surrender, the wall of hum falls to pieces filling the space around you with chaotically mixed noises and creaks trapped in static drone background. And then it finally end up in the simple drone loop to underline anxiety and noisiness of your first journey in slumber labyrinth.

The first untitled track was recorded in June 2016.
The second untitled track was recorded in June/July 2016.
The third untitled track was recorded in January 2016.
The fourth untitled track was recorded in July 2016.

All tracks composed, mixed, recorded and designed by Anatoly Khvostishko at «B».


  1. Anatoly Khvostishko – untitled (08:32)
  2. Anatoly Khvostishko – untitled (17:04)
  3. Anatoly Khvostishko – untitled (06:24)
  4. Anatoly Khvostishko – untitled (10:40)

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