Kolpakopf – «Les Chants Silencieux»

Cat.# … DNA 138
Release Date … 20.07.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Les Chants Silencieux» is another new work by Kolpakopf, fourth in the line of successful collaboration between the project and DNA Production label.

«Mute Songs» (as I translate the title from French) offers a lot of space in well-layered ambient soundscapes along with distinct atmosphere of mystery, meditation and anxiety. Sound pressure in some culminating points delivers influential diversity in the album’s atmosphere making it deeper and more expressive.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:16)
  2. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:42)
  3. Kolpakopf – Untitled (11:04)
  4. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:17)
  5. Kolpakopf – Untitled (09:32)
  6. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:56)

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Kolpakopf – «Plastik»

Cat.# … DNA 136
Release Date … 03.07.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Plastik», next Kolpakopf’s work in the line after «Radio Laments» and «Mirrors And Copulations» develops the project’s efforts in constructing imaginary worlds where sounds are molecules and melodies are beings.

This work looks colder, heavier and a bit lifeless in comparison with previous one. It’s plastik per se: monotonous, solid, cold, synthetic, pitiless – another sombre piece from promising Russian project Kolpakopf.


  1. Kolpakopf – I (06:40)
  2. Kolpakopf – II (10:25)
  3. Kolpakopf – III (08:21)
  4. Kolpakopf – IV (07:17)
  5. Kolpakopf – V (09:34)
  6. Kolpakopf – VI (06:18)

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Kolpakopf and Dronny Darko in Sadayatana Podcast #86

Tracks by Kolpakopf and Dronny Darko have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #86 «Without Culture» (June 23, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #86 «Without Culture»

Kolpakopf – «Mirrors And Copulations»

Cat.# … DNA 134
Release Date … 16.06.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Mirrors And Copulations», a new work from Kolpakopf shows now how the project can work on the field of modern dark ambient. Eight untitled tracks fill the space between your headphones with deep low-frequency soundscapes which work as a solid base for experiments with skilfully looped sounds and samples of various origins.

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ works, «Mirrors And Copulations» locks you sequentially in eight different worlds. Each of them is unique. Each of them brings similar atmosphere. Eight rooms with mirror walls where reality is slipping away as you look through and see nothing but multiplied mirrors.

It doesn’t matter how it works if you feel that it really works. This strange and attractive work is fearsome, fine, fabulous, vibrant. Obviously that’s Kolpakopf at his best.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:35)
  2. Kolpakopf – Untitled (09:33)
  3. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:49)
  4. Kolpakopf – Untitled (08:49)
  5. Kolpakopf – Untitled (05:54)
  6. Kolpakopf – Untitled (08:30)
  7. Kolpakopf – Untitled (09:47)
  8. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:50)

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Kolpakopf – «Radio Laments»

Cat.# … DNA 131
Release Date … 29.04.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient, Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

Another Russian industrial project makes his debut at DNA Production: now it’s Kolpakopf with dismal abstract work «Radio Laments».

Here slumbering consciousness drifts along unsteady ambient waves and swirls around digital noises which harshly break meditation on back side of radio broadcasts.

Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (36:30)

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