Parchim is the project succeed to discontinued Necrasota. At first it was one-man project leaded by Dmitry Kulagin, Necrasota mastermind.

The project’s first works were «Self-Destruction Instinct» and split-release «Voice» (with Krmshn). There were field recordings of asocial presence of the Eternal Absolute, a death without anthropomorphous features, a heaven’s breathing, ancient cults rituals, animism and souls vibrations. Sound sources for «Self-Destruction Instinct» were made up of various dictaphone recordings collected by Dmitry for several years. «Voice» was recorded in local abandoned space factory «Kvant».

Later poetess Elena Kislinskaya joined Parchim as well as Maxim Neronov, a member of Russian industrial project «Ierophania» and of some post-rock bands.
Now Parchim is the part of Russian industrial scene. Among its activities are contributing tracks for various compilation and collaborations with fellow musicians. The project constantly develops its sound in the ways of atmospheric ambient, drone, death industrial, lo-fi noise and experiments with post-poetry.