«IOK-1 began as a side project to Tarmskrap, a breakcore project, because I had no inspiration to do fast tracks. I’ve always been interested in ambient and drone, but not really taken the time to try it. Started listening to more ambient and drone, discovered artists like Biosphere, Lustmord, and Oophoi that triggered me to start experimenting with soundscapes.

One track became two tracks and two tracks became four tracks, and so on.

Today I have «written» many tracks, some are good, but most of them are experiments to develop my own creativity. I consider Tarmskrap to be a dead project today, and IOK-1 rose from the ashes of Tarmskrap. IOK-1 has released two other albums up to date. «Rost», a 3″ cd-r limited to 33 copies on Witte Dood, and «Poems», a 4 disc cd-r limited to 10 copies on Deersond.»
David «IOK-1» Bengtsson,
Exploring the world of soundscapes and drones.