Federico Barabino


Federico Barabino was born in Merlo, Buenos Aires – January 26 of 1982. At the age of fourteen he began his electric-guitar studies, making a duo with a drummer to play his own music some months later. Following the composition’s way in an intuitive shape he recorded some tapes as an independent musician with this duet and as soloist.

During many years continued studying electric and classic guitar with some local’s teachers, working in different music’s styles, paying special attention to improvised music.He has attended to guitar work shops inside jazz language and contemporary music. Studied many years particular guitar’s lessons with Carle Costa and actually continue his studies with Pino Marrone. His several music interests take him to the percussion’s field. In 2001 studied candombe, samba, murga and others rioplatenses rhythms. In this field hi has played in some murgas, several spectacles and plazas in Buenos Aires. Actually he is working with different percussion’s groups.

Since 2001 he works as a music teacher at home, at elementary-primary-high school and in some institutions around Buenos Aires. With a lot of interest and enthusiasm teaching guitar, he development since some years the investigation of his own method «experimentando en la guitarra», to expand the sound’s recourse of the instrument and teach it since the first education.

Practicing Tai – Chi – Chuan since 2003 he expanded his music concepts, looking and feeling with others points of view. In collaboration with others musicians he has recorded diverse records editing them in independent labels around the world: Beginning 2004 «Continuo» with Sergio Merce conceptual improvisation and ending 2004 «Minimo» compositions and impro for soloist classic guitar edited in net label smellthestench.net (USA). Also both records edited in Listen Loudest (Croatia).

After this editions in foreign countries and his permanent collaborations in collective music projects open him the possibility of record with many musicians around. In 2006 «Zamba» with Don Campau three minimalist and folk music edited in Lonely Whistle Music (USA). Argentinische Kroatische Freundshaft with Zdenko Franjic contrast composition from each musician edited in Listen Loudest (Croatia). In 2007 «Metamorfs» with C. R. Goff III seven music compositions edited in Taped Rugs Production (USA). At the end of 2007 works on some texts read by Kenji Siratori using clean electric guitar.

Composing little pieces of music using the meaning of the word ad pure sound. Edited as «Hallucination cell» in Listen Loudest (Croatia), Smell the Stench (Australia) and as «Celula» in Nosesorecords (Argentina). During 2008 release «Ongamira» impro with electric guitar in Black Orchid (Slovaquia) and «Garnish» 48 minutes of electroacustic music in collaboration with Don Campau release in Lonely Whistle Music (USA).

His actually activities include works and calls for «Mail Art», compositions for theatre, films and audiovisual works as much in his country as in others. Working on permanent collaboration with experimental musicians of long trajectory from Germany, France, Croatia, United States, etc, in collective music compositions, multimedia projects obtaining that his music be part of several compilations, on web pages, listen on foreign radios, etc.