Creation VI


Creation VI is an instrument for research of a system «music – listener». Sometimes there are no possibilities for verbal expression of a certain conception – sensory perception, intuitive philosophical principles, creative experience or the perception process itself. For communication and for information exchange, in situations like these ones we have creativity in any form. And the essence of all creative works is to create a symbol, a highly organized information unit difficult for logical analysis, and to bring it to another person.

Being minimally attached to any forms, music can perform as a stream or a sound or a nuance or an atmosphere. And at the same time music expresses the true matter of Nature – continuity, fluidity and flexibility. Streams of the universe are unavailable for discrete logics, and human consciousness is able to understand only fragments of those streams. But it can interpret it defining sampling rate, wave length and other parameters. And that illusion of structured information helps consciousness to adapt.

Fluid and pulsating music of Creation VI provides a way to put consciousness to sleep, to free subconsciousness and to send it to a journey through endless streams of continuity. Then subconsciousness can go out of limits of thinking and reveals a picture of immense Universe.