Born in 1972, France, Ayato frequents the bumps of the camel since the first moments. It is one of the most active members of the collective H.A.K. with a considerable production published on numerous labels: albums, splits, improvisations, soundtracks… More than 50 records (discs) were released on H.A.K. as well as several net-releases on Eg0cide Productions (FR), Treetrunk Records (US), Just not Normal (NL), Nohmad (BE)…

Experimental musician, guitarist, do-it-yourselfer (Crash Duo) and composer of a dense and complex high-jacking music (Miroir Fumant, Cluedo Krew, Polymagoo Commando), Ayato collaborates regularly with the photographer Malik Nejmi with whom he realizes several productions on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record (hak153, hak206). Ayato also develops a particular dialogue with the image during sound-track performances (Nanook of the north, Tabu, Caligari, Freaks, The Unknown…) which he puts in sound with Julio Lloco, Sly20 and indeed of the other one..

Ayato uses easily of the other pen name to sign his appearances, as Thanatogushi ID in the duet “Thanato Twist with Oleg’s Sound System”, or still Mat U Stone for his remarkable Mixtures on wax.