Accent Aigu


Accent Aigu is a project by Max Gael Martin and Kate Lopez (Izgina) since 2011 year (experimental/indie/electro/ambient).

«I would like to thank everyone who has ever given me inspiration to create this musical project. When I began, my attempts were pretty amateurish, then something began to happen. I began moving in different directions, and suddenly it all began to fall into place. Now I have direction, and an understanding of where it is, that we wish to be. We are beginning to enjoy this musical adventure that we have created, and very soon, we will be able to take it to the next level! Our music is from the heart, and is of no particular style. We have devoted ourselves to this direction, and will continue to develop our sound as time goes on. Very simply, we are who we are. That is why we have named ourselves, Accent Aigu – an accent to the free experimental sound.»