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"Nasca Lines"

[DNA 84] Indo - «Nasca Lines»

Cat.# ... DNA 84
Release Date ... 20.04.2010
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320 kbps

DNA Production presents Indo new work called "Nasca Lines".
Previous release has been created in the vein of Muslim mysticism, and now mystic features are definitely present in the new work but it isn't the same religious mysticism. "Nasca Lines" is mystic and abstract in spirit and in music where atonal loopes and synthetic accords prevail over minimal ambient layers.

Artwork by Indo.
  • 1. Indo - Nasca (14:44)
  • 2. Indo - Lines (09:35)
  • 3. Indo - Nasca Lines (10:44)
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